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Main » 2008 » July » 22 » we're currently number 24
we're currently number 24
6:23 PM
point 1
we're currently sat at number 24 in the top 200 private server top list,
as a reward foreveryone's efforts, i will be releasing the game on a practise server before we have our own server host!

point 2

Here are some previews of the loading screen.

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Total comments: 3
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3 hadesgunzkygure  
actually you stole this from the ijji gunz contest, which is where i have taken it from,
so don't give me your bs.
gtfo fool.

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2 RestyleGunz FTW  
This Background has been stolen from the RestyleGunz - [Dev]Legacy's Work.
It was used on the Login Screen. And it has been already developed and made.
And what your doing is copying RestyleGunz Login Background.
This Work or Background you made is Disgrace on your work and to all Devs
Just Replacing your Hades Gunz in and editing with adobe photoshop or whatever you have used.
And the Background is not even yours just Copied Has same Color etc. Exact the Same.
Like I said Its been "EDITED".
Please do so and take that off that background and make your own.
NOT using other Gunz servers.

~Players from RestyleGunz. Respecting Dev's Works

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1 HotBunny  
i like it, it looks cool YAY smile

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