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hades gunz
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7:46 PM
this is now shut down due to a lack of help from the staff. no i will not retry in the future with better staff. no i will not reconcider. no i will not listen to you complaining non-stop. you have no-one to blaim but yourself.
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Hi I just registered to this spacious place . I need to ask for your opinion.
Can you tell me please do you make money with forex and if yes what forex dealer do you use?
Do you know of some trusted ones?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

P.S. Sorry if I have posted to wrong category "About Hades Gunz." but as you can notice I am newbie here.

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9 Clover  
just passing by , to let u know , if u need anymore staff , active ones like me , i can give u a hand mannageing the server , just email me

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5 Hacker222  
lol you fucking suck get a life noob you cant host servers for shit..crybaby go suck one

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4 Warrick78  
i dont get it? sad

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