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this is now shut down due to a lack of help from the staff. no i will not retry in the future with better staff. no i will not reconcider. no i will not listen to you complaining non-stop. you have no-one to blaim but yourself.
Views: 13440 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 10/Oct/2008 | Comments (13)

What's happening?!:

This is a big step for the hades community,
i hope you all stick through it with us.

- Kygure

hades entertainment.™

Views: 8181 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 25/Sep/2008 | Comments (0)

expect to see changes from now on!

all will be revealed soon enough!
Hades entertainment.™

Views: 1242 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 25/Sep/2008 | Comments (2)

alright, it's me again, kygure (mike)
i'm back, i have my new pc all set up and i'll carry on the dev work and i'll be posting more often.
just to let you all know, i'm in the process of making sets ect,
and making a custom system.mrs,
the reason it's taking so long is that i'm the only one working on the actual in game stuff, it's not as easy as it seems,
i would ask you to refrain from asking 'when will this server be released?' or anything of similaritys to that,
when it's done, you'll know, either from the fact i'll be completely drunk or that i'll post on the forums, and add it to the home page / dl section.
thankyou. x
Views: 933 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 06/Sep/2008 | Comments (3)

point 1
we're currently sat at number 24 in the top 200 private server top list,
as a reward foreveryone's efforts, i will be releasing the game on a practise server before we have our own server host!

point 2

Here are some previews of the loading screen.

Views: 994 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 22/Jul/2008 | Comments (4)

the background has also been added to the file catalog on the left navbar.
Views: 867 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 18/Jul/2008 | Comments (0)

Alright i've been working on a background for the login screen but we've kindly decided to also make it a desktop background.
enjoy! It's a .rar file, so be sure to get winrar.

Views: 1126 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 18/Jul/2008 | Comments (2)

I've been working on our first full set for about a day now, i've tried several different combinations of gear and colour variations.
so far, this is what i've come up with, be sure to leave comments and pointers on what YOU would like to see done to it.

hades warrior set
Views: 1289 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 18/Jul/2008 | Comments (9)

welcome to our fresh new site, soon you'll be seeing quick development, we'll keep you updated with screenshots and video's of what we're doing, we will also be doing regular interviews and posting them on the site to let you know what's been done.
- kygure
Views: 1136 | Added by: hadesgunzkygure | Date: 18/Jul/2008 | Comments (1)

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